Do I Need a Watch Case?

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Accessorize

Do I Need a Watch Case?

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Accessorize

While we’re generally the kind of guys that are of the opinion that less is more, that sentiment goes out the window when it comes to accessories like wallets, sneakers, and watches. While you can easily pick up a bunch more shelving units from your local big box for your burgeoning shoe collection, what do you do with all the recent watch acquisitions you want to store safely and securely? If you don’t already own one, it’s time to get yourself a watch case.

Do I Really Need a Watch Case?

Honestly, that depends entirely on you and the size of your collection. If you’re only wearing one watch on the regular, you’re probably fine with just a watch winder to keep the time when you’re not wearing the watch. But once you start expanding your collection, it’s time to upgrade.

I Have Too Many Watches. What Do I Do?

But let’s say you’ve got three, four, a dozen, two dozen, or even more watches in your collection. This is when you really need to start shopping around for storage options. Yes, you need functional storage that allows you to access all your favorites at will. But you also want something that allows you to put your precious investments on display.


Holme & Hatfield Watch Box Organizer

Unlike most of the other options, this Holme & Hatfield Watch Box Organizer is primarily a four watch display piece. This museum-style piece has four upper posts designed to display timepieces of the highest caliber under removable glass with a drawer below for shades, important documents (like a passport) and cufflinks. If you only have a couple of watches to display, this is the perfect way to do it while also giving you some storage space for other essentials. Buy: $80


Bewishome 20 Slot Watch Box Organizer

We’re always hesitant to recommend otherwise “no-name” brands from Amazon, but we personally own one of these 20 slot “luxury watch organizers.” The dark wood engineered veneer is still holding up, contrasts great with the black, faux-leather watch pillows and, most importantly, every single watch (on the top level) shines gorgeously through the upper glass. If you’re looking to take your collection from low-key to bougie AF when it comes to visitor’s seeing it, this is the best way to do it. Buy: $66



A Stylish All-Wood Display Case for Just a Handful of Watches at Home


Analog/Shift Flatiron II Watch Box

The Flatiron II Watch Box is a super stylish, raw wood display for a handful of watches–as in five, in case you weren’t paying attention–that’s designed to showcase your wristwatches while keeping them easily accessible in case they need to be worn. Buy: $325

A Modern Metal Watch Box That Accommodates up to a Dozen Watches and Matches Your Toolbox


Wind Up Watch Shop Tool Watch Box

Looking for a watch storage system inspired by the classic red toolboxes you’ve grown to know and love? This is it. Satisfyingly rugged yet luxuriously appointed, these 12 watch boxes display all your timepieces gloriously while protecting them in style. Buy: $249


A Minimalist, Two Watch, Leather Zip-up Companion for Your Travels


Shinola Travel Watch Case

If that title is what you’re in the market for, you won’t find better. Your watches will be cradled and protected in sweet luxury on their way from one destination to the next. The only tough decision you have to make is what you’re wearing and what you’re protecting in this sweet leather-bound, suede-lined case. Buy: $250


When Money is No Object Travel Watch Storage


Bamford London Aluminum Watch Travel Tube

Bamford never disappoints when it comes to the bulletproof quality of anything they make, but this is particularly true when it comes to their watch travel options. Case in point–the Bamford London Aluminum Watch Travel Tube made to their unique specifications with aluminum and featuring a seamless action inspired by the design of a bicycle pump. It’s portable. It’s secure. And it also looks damn good even when it’s all sealed up. Buy: $1425


Rimowa, Rimowa, Rimowa–Luxury Watch Storage to Match Your Luggage

Rimowa Limited Edition Watch Case

While we’ll be the first to agree with you that Rimowa LuggageBuy: $2,050



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