Tapping Into The Unused 60%

by | Oct 27, 2021

Andrei Mellas is a brother that I’m excited to introduce you to today. He’s a powerlifter and life coach that takes a very personal, 1-on-1 approach to helping average people achieve the body transformations they’ve always wanted.

After moving from toxic relationship to toxic relationship through his early thirties, Andrei had an epiphany moment during the Coronavirus pandemic. He’d decided that he’d Had Enough of his dad body and was ready to make a lifestyle change and become the man he always wanted to be.

Now, with his new and improved lifestyle choices, he’s absolutely crushing it in terms of fitness, nutrition, muscle growth, and life coaching. He takes a very personal approach to his coaching, focusing on 1-on-1 transformations that time months and even years to accomplish.

Andrei focuses more on installing good, life-long habits as opposed to using trendy “get fit quick” diets and programs as these rarely succeed.

In the podcast, Andrei and I take a deep dive into the mental changes that needed to happen during his transformation and how this applies to his coaching. We talk specifics about overcoming our internal monologue of failure into one of compound success.

One of the biggest talking points we focused on was how to make the decision that it’s time to change your life. It’s not an easy task and requires A LOT of work and personal understanding.

However, after you listen to this podcast you’re going to better equipped to take on the adventures of life and ready to make the changes you need to achieve your fitness goals!

“Whenever you feel like quitting you’re at 40%, so the reality is you have another 60% in you that no one’s made you pull out!”

Andrei Mellas


0:00 Intro

1:27 Meet Andrei Mellas – Powerlifter

2:21 Teaching Body Transformations

4:53 Strongman Competitions

5:54 Breaking the Bench Press Record

11:21 “The Weekend Pass” – Push Yourself Further

15:18 The Secret For Deep, Personal Motivation

16:50 Learning to Love Yourself

19:56 Overcoming the Barriers that Hold You Back

26:51 The Myth of the 90-Day Transformation

28:41 Making the Decision For Life Change

32:11 Being Honest With What You Want

35:47 Finding the Balance Between Being Grateful and Ambitious

40:10 Marry the Process, Divorce the Outcome

43:28 Connecting With Andrei

Andrei Mellas

Andrei Mellas

Andrei Mellas is online transformation coach with over 15 years of experience helping people from all walks of life transform their bodies and minds and take back control of their fitness and wellness levels in their lives.

Andrei prides himself on being able to help you achieve massive results without having to leave your home.

He offers a totally customized approach to weight loss and educating my clients to obtain greater levels of awareness in their fitness, nutrition and general well being.


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