Richard and Namaste Moore

by | Dec 1, 2021

When you think of the concept of a “Power Couple”, Richard and Namaste Moore are the textbook definition. They are connected on a level that so many couples think is unattainable, but it has become their life’s mission to help them understand how it can be done. They are extreme pioneers in marriage, business, love and sex, leading couples to the potent pathway of sacred love, business growth and spiritual alchemy. Together, they’ve worked with the world’s most inspiring couples, transforming their marriages into the deeply-connected and radically fulfilling unions they dream about, and the magically abundant businesses they truly deserve. Through their teachings and offerings, Richard and Namaste embrace the Divine Masculine & Feminine, using their business expertise, relationship mastery and spiritual leadership to spark a life-changing shift in their couples, resulting in 11X more powerful relationships with their partners, their businesses and consciousness itself.

“We return the Masculine to Men, the Feminine to Women, and Men and Women to Each other.”

Richard and Namaste Moore


0:00 Meet Richard and Namaste Moore

1:25 How They Got into Coaching

3:57 Return to Masculine Men

7:08 How Have They Handled Haters?

10:00 Finding Common Ground in a Highlander World

15:39 Empower Women Without Disempowering Men

17:25 Richard and Namaste’s Core Teachings

22:10 The 3 Core Questions of Masculinity

26:58 What Does it Mean to be a Man?

27:37 What Does it Mean to be a Woman?

30:41 Healthy Sexual Energy of Men and Women

36:14 Create Your Legendary Love Story

37:48 Why Can’t Society Grasp Masculine and Feminine?

47:00 How to Reinstall Comfort in Being Masculine

57:38 Connect with Richard and Namaste

58:57 Closing Thoughts

Richard and Namaste Moore

Richard and Namaste Moore

Baba Richard and Sri Namaste Moore mentor some of the most exciting couples in business to create a potent pathway to sacred love, business growth, and spiritual alchemy. Embracing the Divine Feminine and Masculine, Richard and Namaste have created a Business Couple Archetyping protocol that results in powerful realizations amplifying relationships and businesses. Through their teachings, couples working with Richard and Namaste describe an 11x more powerful relationship with each other and their business. Learn more at:


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