My name is Mark Edward Davis.  I founded Authentic Man to be a place where men can enjoy the stuff they love with other likeminded men.  It’s also a place to grow as a man in an atmosphere that values Strength and Honor, Glory and Adventure, and we do it together as a community of brothers.

I encourage you to browse the categories of content and expert writers, authors, and speakers featured here.  It’s a gathering of the best stuff for men in the world!  I’ve seen too many men who loved cigars, cars, hunting, and more, who were shunned for it.  Not here.  We celebrate masculinity in all healthy expressions.  Be your authentic self; unapologetically.  No apologies here, bro.  We’re all in this together.

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While many in our society are trying to help men “find themselves”, we’re equipping them with tools to uncover the men they were born to be – to live out their own adventures. 


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